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  • ❌ Uncertainty about market demand
  • ❌ Lack of data-driven validation
  • ❌ Generic ChatGPT market analysis
  • ❌ Not understanding customer needs
  • ❌ Time-consuming market research


  • ✅ Validate market and financial viability
  • ✅ Powered by Google Search Data
  • ✅ TAM, CAC, LTV, Sales... calculation
  • ✅ Know what customers are looking for
  • ✅ Ready in 20 seconds
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Using CheckFa.st has streamlined my product validation, saving me time and money. It's an essential tool for any founder who wants to build something people actually want.

Jan-Oliver Seidenfuss

Indie Developer and Founder

RealFakePhoto ($10k/m) & Spexia

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Market Analysis

Total Addressable Market
Total Addressable Market (TAM)
Monthly Searches
Total Monthly Search Volume
Cost per Click
Average Cost per Click (CPC)
Cost per Click
Average Competition Score

Marketing Analysis

Net Revenue
Customer Life Time Value (LTV)
Contribution Margin 1
Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC)
Dynamic Formulas
LTV : CAC Ratio
Cost per Acquisition
Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Gross Revenue
Total Sales
Return of Ad Spend
Total Visits (SEM)

Profit & Loss Statement

Dynamic Formulas
Editable (dynamic formulas)
Cost per Acquisition
Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Gross Revenue
Gross Revenue
Net Revenue
Net Revenue
Contribution Margin 1
Contribution Margin 1 (CM1)
Contribution Margin 2
Contribution Margin 2 (CM2)
Return of Ad Spend
Return of Ad Spend (ROAS)

Google Keywords

Monthly Searches
Google Keywords (ranked and filtered)
Monthly Searches
Monthly Searche Volume
Cost per Click
Cost per Click (CPC)
Relevance Ranking
Relevance Ranking
Competition Score

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